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At Futura, we do it differently

We are an independently owned group that is focussed on creating a better future for IFA firms whose owners are looking to realise value whilst maintaining their relevance in the business. Our approach keeps the client front and centre of everything we do.

Protecting your lifetime’s work

We want your clients to experience the best service possible, without the disruption of change. We also appreciate the years of effort that you have invested to create a brand that clients identify with and trust.

So, we change as little as possible, leaving your brand and your people in place – while providing the support that allows a singular focus on your clients. We never implement change that will strip your business of its assets, identity or heritage.

Our aim is to use our expertise to unlock the potential for growth – by taking away the headaches commonly associated with running a regulated business.

Investing in you

We acquire a majority shareholding position in firms who join our group, offering competitive and flexible terms which suit the seller’s objectives.

Once part of the group, we look to maintain our member’s unique brand and proposition, while providing support from the central teams to take away the administrative burden that can often stifle growth.

When we do implement change, it is only to improve the client experience, help to unlock growth, or to allow the member to benefit from available group cost synergies.

We also encourage firm principles to stay on with us, helping us to develop best in class processes that ultimately benefit the entire group.

Putting your clients front and centre

Our processes are built around the needs of our member’s clients, to provide a class leading service.

Our Central Investment Proposition de-mystifies the investment journey for clients across the key stages of their life, and fiercely maintains our independent whole of market approach. Where clients have gaps in their current provision, we can help to provide solutions to ensure that we maintain relationships that last for generations.

The group has also created deep expertise across the entire spectrum of financial products available – meaning clients can truly benefit from a one-stop-shop experience. This is all underpinned by intelligent use of technology, harnessing efficiency without compromising on the personal relationships that are so important.

Happy advisers

Wherever possible, we want to keep your team of advisers in place, maintaining and developing the business that they have built. We work with our members to create the right environment for this, by providing longevity of career and development opportunities.

We also understand that to give the best advice, our members advisers need access to a toolkit that gives them the information they need quickly and accurately. We provide access to additional tools and systems where these are not currently used within a firm.

We are also building a learning and development suite, as part of an academy that identifies and nurtures tomorrow’s talent alongside keeping our existing team on a learning path of continual improvement.